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About Us

About OptiSmile Advanced Dentistry and Implant Centre

Put Your Trust in the Best Dentist in Cape Town

With a 100% satisfaction rate, giving thousands of patients their confident smile back, OptiSmile is a caring dental surgery in Cape Town, with a professional team of dentists proficient in all types of dental practices.

It is our aim to assist our patients in achieving long term optimal dental health and hygiene. Our approach is to always ensure that patients are calm and comfortable, by showing them that they are in the very best hands. It is our approach to dental practice that has helped us to earn the reputation of being the best dentists in Cape Town.

Your teeth can and should last a lifetime.

With our treatment and the advancements in modern dentistry, our dentists in Cape Town can ensure that your teeth stay in a great condition so that you don’t have to worry about fillings or crowns falling out after just 5 years.

We keep our passion for dentistry alive by learning about the latest industry developments and by taking pride in the work that we do. Our passion means our patients get the best service, and knowing that they can always return to our comfortable practice.

We are Helping Patients Overcome their Fear of the Dentist

All it takes is one bad experience at the hands of a less than honest dentist to completely alter your perception of the entire profession. Sadly, it is fear of the dentist that often leads to patients avoiding care altogether, something which results in long-term dental damage. Your teeth are our concern and we want to help you by providing a range of services that you can be confident in.

Our patient care is our top priority and many of our patients have suffered from dental anxiety and fear for years before coming to us.  With our commitment to a peaceful, calm atmosphere, patients are quickly put at ease. Recent renovations have added to the relaxed feel of our practice. Floor to ceiling windows, open plan layout complete with glass windows, and a peaceful view of the ocean quickly allow patients to realise that they are at no ordinary dentist in Cape Town.

Dental fear can be caused by many things, from having to pay overpriced services to having a rushed, unprofessional dentist hurt you during a procedure. We take great care to ensure that you receive the treatment which you pay for and nothing more, unless agreed upon. This takes away the worry of your initial estimate not reflecting the final account. And with our state of the art technology and an extreme dedication to always ensuring your comfort. We understand that not all procedures can be completely pain-free, but we do go out of our way to make them as painless as possible.

As the best group of dentists in Cape Town, our patients always come first.

Our Patient-Focused Cosmetic Services

Working as a group, we cover a wide variety of our patient’s dental needs. We offer all kinds of dental services, from cosmetic procedures designed to brighten your smile, to essential services which include fillings and crowns.

Looking for an orthodontist in Cape Town or perhaps you are looking for a cosmetic dentist? One of our services focuses specifically on making your smile more beautiful.

While many orthodontic patients are children, there is never a right or wrong age to have your teeth corrected. The right orthodontic treatment will have long-term benefits, especially should your bite be misaligned. The same goes for our cosmetic dental experts. Their work is generally purely focused on whitening teeth. While this is more for aesthetics, if such a procedure leaves a patient feeling more confident, then we know that we’ve done our job.

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About Us
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